TracKey™ – Your Smart Bluetooth Anti-Car-Lost Device

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Forgot where you parked your car? Your kid doesn’t remember where his bicycle or stunt scooter is? TracKey can help you find it. Easily activate this Bluetooth anti-lost device through the app for iOS or Android. Then connect and track the vehicle so you never lose it again.


Two-way notifications

Double-tap the button on the app to get beeping notifications.

With anti-lost alarm

Once the device is disconnected, the phone and key locator will ring to alert you.

Map location

Locate the parking site on the map before leaving.

Long battery life

Fitted with replaceable CR2016 battery that can last up to 1 year.

Multiple uses

Can be used as a key finder, camera remote shutter, anti-lost alarm.

Compact design

Portable and convenient enough so you can fit it in a bag, wallet, or pocket.

Free UX-friendly app

There is an easy to install and use app for iPhone and Android devices.

Far from The Car, But Still Able to Keep Track of It in Real-Time

With TracKey and the installed app, you can easily enable Map location and save the place where you’ve left your car. It will be automatically marked on the Map to show precise positioning and where exactly it is. It even works as a distance indicator when TracKey is disconnected from your phone and can still help you trace your vehicle no matter how far you are. Simply open the app and view the map.

Personalized Two-Way Signal + Telephone Detector Capabilities

Sometimes you can find your car or keys but not your phone. This anti-lost Bluetooth device can work vice-versa letting you control both your smartphone & TracKey. Press the central button on the device and it will make the phone ring, even if it’s in a silent mode!

Intelligent Alarm with Sound, Flash, and Vibration

Once synced, the mobile phone and your anti-lost device will set off an alarm at the same time to indicate when you’ve gone too far from the set Bluetooth range. This function can be enabled on the TracKey app, on the phone, or both.

Super Easy to Install The App And Activate The Device

All it takes is to go to your App Store or Google Play, search for “thetrackey” app and download it. Once installed you can rename TracKey in the application itself.

One Device, Multiple Ways To Use It

Apart from using it as a security car gadget for worry-free car ownership or attaching it to your children outdoor vehicle toys and scooters, you can easily find various other uses for TracKey – to your pet’s strap, wallet, suitcase, and so on.

How Exactly to Get Started with TracKey?

To set up your first TracKey and start using it, you must:

First download and install the app on your iPhone or Android device.
Then press the button for 3 seconds and you will hear the buzzer beeping and a blue LED indicator will flash 3 times.
Open the app, click the Bluethooth icon to open the list, click the search icon to connect TracKey successfully.
If you want, you can rename TracKey in the app and give it a personalized name.


Dimensions D25mm x T5.4mm
Weight 4g
Connection Bluetooth 4.0 (low-energy)
Working range Up to 35m
Buzzer 70Db
Indicator Blue LED
Battery CR2016
Working time If disconnected – up to 2 years; when connected – up to 1 year
Temp. resistance Can work in between -20° C to +70° C


1 x TracKey
1 x Keychain
1 x User manual
1 x Extra battery – CR2016

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